Everyday Care

Dust the surface with a dry cotton cloth as needed. When your glass needs to be cleaned, use a mixing solution of warm water and a neutral-pH soap mixture to wash your glass. (ie.Dawn) Apply the mixture to your glass with a soft lint free rag. Please Note: Do not use harsh chemicals or anything acidic such as ammonia or vinegar it will damage the metal.

Long-Term Care

Oxidation will occur, it’s natural. To remove oxidation from a silver colored leaded surface use a fine steel wool pad to rub away the oxidation. Next apply a standard car polish to the piece with a dry cotton cloth. Wait till dry then buff away to reveal a shiny surface. This will leave streaks on the glass so i recommend using a little dry whiting powder and a dry cloth to eliminate streaks. Do not use steel wool on any pieces that have been finished with black or copper patina. This will rub away the patina finish.